About Us

AntennaX.com has been in business since 2001. Since then we have provided well over 500,000 antennas to people all over the World. You may have seen our Antennas at Car Shows, the Drag Strip, on your neighbors truck, in your High School or College parking lot, or on the road next to you at that stop light. Our goal is to provide the auto enthusiast a stylish, inexpensive yet functional alternative to those ugly Factory Antennas that most Cars & Trucks come standard with today. For example, you can spend $50,000 on a brand new Corvette Z06, and it comes standard with an ugly lightning rod, fishing pole antenna. People spend thousands of dollars on wheels and body kits to make their vehicles Sporty while neglecting to replace their Factory Ugly Antenna. AntennaX.com will help you COMPLETE your vehicle. And for those who want a sporty look without spending thousands of dollars on wheels and a bodykit, most of our antennas are UNDER $10.

We are your Antenna Xperts. We just don't sell antennas, or are a distributor / dealer for some other company, we are your Antenna Source!! That's why we can offer you the LOWEST PRICE anywhere. We design, manufacture, install, and test all of our Antennas on our vehicles before we market them. If it does not pass our tests for both STYLE & FUNCTION, then we don't sell it. We provide unlimited tech support via email, detailed installation instructions (compiled from our installation experience) on our website, and FAST SHIPPING!!! We just don't sell a product, we SUPPORT it too!!!